Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Small Wonder

For a long time, I have been drawn to the 99 Beautiful Names of God, brought to us by Islam, the religion of surrender to God. One name in particular gives me great delight: Al Musawwir, the fashioner of intricate details, patterns and beautiful colours.

feather on grass in spring

Appreciation of the natural world, especially living in a city, often seems to be about noticing tiny things. I love the thought that I alone have witnessed a ladybird emerging from its chrysalis,

emerging ladybird, currant bush, summer

or I alone have spotted where a tiny spider is lurking,

spider's lair, canalside, autumn

 I have noticed the last elderberry on its red stalk, and the divisions of the twigs, and I have seen my shadowy reflection in its surface.

solitary elderberry, a park in Kings Heath, winter

I have noticed the ripples hidden under the bark, on an old sycamore tree ...

and the light shining through a glossy new leaf ...

a droplet of water, just before it falls ...

and all the potential of new growth, wrapped up waiting to emerge ...

I have watched the ant milking her herd of blackfly, on the underside of the willow in my garden ...

 I and the One who is All-Seeing, All-Hearing, All-Knowing - all names included in the Beautiful 99. To me, these are moments of intimacy, wonder and delight. Sometimes I happen to have my camera with me at such moments and can capture something of the wonder, if only visually.I hope they give you a moment's delight too.

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