Friday 7 March 2014

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 About my books and other things …
I’ve written quite a few books, e-liturgies and other things. If you Google the following titles and my name you will find them  at several online bookstores including the publishing companies’ own sites. You might not find them in bookshops, small publishing companies can’t always afford the discounts that the bookshops ask for and greatly appreciate your support and interest in taking the trouble to seek them out.

My most recent book, which I'm really pleased with, is 'Who do you say that I am? a book of reflections published by Kevin Mayhew for the season of Lent, which gave me an opportunity to explore the story and context of Jesus's life as described in Mark's Gospel, with a special focus on womens' voices, the environment and culture of the day. Jesus comes across as a bit of a rabbinic shaman, in touch with the land and full of Spirit. 

The blurb says ...

Annie ... offers here an insightful and enriching daily journey through Lent, using Mark’s Gospel as a guide book, with reflections, prayer and the opportunity for biblical exploration.

Exploring Lent as never before, Annie has tried to focus on the less obvious things, the little details, the ‘behind-the-scenes people’ and the way the land itself impacts on the Gospel story, to present a fresh way of looking at and appreciating the big picture of Jesus’ self-giving love. In particular, she has looked for the significance of the natural world and of the women who are very much present in the Gospel narratives, but whose voices and names are less often heard.

Scroll down for earlier publications, which are all ...

  • creation-loving, earth-spirituality friendly
  • rich in Biblical references and information
  • sensitive to womens' spirituality and essential equality
  • 'inclusive' in attitude regarding sexuality etc
  •  useful for personal reflection and group work, as well as use in creative liturgy and workshops
  •  inclusive or mainly inclusive regarding language about God - it's not all 'He'; God transcends and embraces all human gender distinctions.
  • make good gifts for people looking for something 'a bit out of the ordinary'.
  • written with a great deal of love and soul-searching.
If you are thinking of using my books I'd be glad to hear from you, find me on facebook or twitter (@HephzibahAnnie).

With Iona’s Wild Goose Publications

Reclaiming the Sealskin – Meditations in the Celtic Spirit (2002) At the time of blogging, on sale for just £6 which is a real bargain! The myth of the selkie, and reflections with pull-out meditation cards (illustrated by me), on 70 themes from nature from oak trees to squirrels, mountains to the moon. Popular with people seeking a closer affinity with the natural world, and with people who like nature-inspired meditation / oracle cards. The reflections include Biblical references.

Wild Goose Chase – exploring the spirituality of everyday life (2006) A companion book to dip into, with a wide range of reflections, prayers and even mini songs and liturgies, on themes of relationship, home, work, our bodies and the passing days, seasons and years. Popular for ‘pattern of life’ reflection, mindful living and just living prayerfully with the everyday.

The Healer’s Tree-  a Bible-based resource on ecology,peace and justice (2011): 28 reflections, fully illustrated (by me) in pen and ink, on themes from the lives of the Celtic saints, from folklore and Biblical accounts, on a mystical love theme drawn from the Song of Songs, on the call back to the garden: ‘Arise my love and come away …’  Ideal for house groups, lent groups etc

As well as the books …

With Kevin Mayhew Ltd

Hiding in God – reflecting on personal health concerns through prayer (2012): I kept a journal over the time I had surgery (a hysterectomy), and this was the result: a collection of prayers and reflections on different themes concerning physical and mental health, from sitting in a waiting room to coming round from an anaesthetic, struggling with self-esteem to facing an uncertain future … I’ve had some really moving responses to this book from people suffering serious illness, finding it a helpful companion book in time of illness - or illness of a loved one.

 Rejoice with Me – Hope for Lost Sheep (2013) I use the theme of the lost sheep to explore feelings of lostness and exclusion from God or from the church and how we can rediscover love no matter how lost or excluded we think we are. Ideal for personal reflection and self-development, also for church self-identity discussion, spiritual accompaniment and group work

And hopefully more on the way …

Thanks for your interest,
Peace and blessings,
Annie Heppenstall x

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