Thursday, 13 March 2014

Need an Inclusive Wedding Ceremony? The Blessed Path

near Knighton, Welsh borders

Thinking of getting married, or know a couple who are making plans? You might like the wedding ceremony I wrote last year, 'The Blessed Path', which is available here as a download from Wild Goose publications, (currently at £3), on the theme of 'journey'.

The blurb for the download says:

What has been the journey that brought you to this point? The Blessed Path is a creative and flexible marriage/partnership ceremony exploring the theme of life-journeys and the commitment a couple make to walk together along the path, 'on rough ground and on smooth. …'
A role in the ceremony is provided for the congregation / gathered community as well the the service leader and the couple themselves. The download includes a section of ceremony planning guidance, with suggested hymns and readings and other points to consider.'

'The Blessed Path' is included in a list of liturgies which meet appropriate criteria of the Church of Scotland's 'Theological Comission on Same-Sex Relationships and the Ministry' May 2013 (footnotes p.60), so if you are looking for an approved ceremony from a Christian faith perspective have a look!

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